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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi, I'm Derek Mascarenhas, owner of

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Derek primarly works as a consultant and technical business writer

I currently freelance as a business plan developer, technical writer and researcher for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry

  • Business Plans for cannabis : Retailers, Cultivators, Processors and Brands in the legal cannabis industry

  • Researcher for Cannabis edibles and food products, retail store location, competitor analysis and research towards strategy

  • As a consultant for cannabis startups

I come from a technical entrepreneurship background where I became an expert at writing funding proposals

  • MIKA Audio was my first business where I raised funds: Technical hardware, emerging technology in audio hardware design. We designed a licensable technology which allows battery powered speakers to sound up to 20% louder with the same voltage inputs. We received support from FED Dev Ontario, MaRS as well as Accelerator Center at University of Waterloo.

  • Electronics remediation with an eco-sustainability approach. My first startup, New Used Stereo focused on remediating vintage electronics that were destined for landfill, this project was in collaboration with Salvation Army Vancouver.

  • I'm currently exploring ESG, specifically from a startup, funding and business feasibility lense, with a particular interest in single use packaging, food packaging and other production to garbage business models.